Weddings & Events

Weddings & Events

A place where earth and sky come together to celebrate happiness. Our wedding destination gives unforgettable memories to our friends.


Our mission is to make every wedding at Hacienda San Lucas enjoy a romantic and outdoors environment where you will feel that you go back in time and enjoy that moment in your life.

Mayan Ceremony

Let us make your wedding a unique experience that will be marked in your life for eternity.


It does not matter if the celebration is an anniversary, the party of the company or the dream wedding, the objective is that our flavors remain on the palate and in the memory.

Social Events

Each event we do is done in a way that is for each of the participants and carries in their hearts the best of our land and culture.


We are here to take care of you, our mission is to make each event passionate, unique, fun and above all, free of stress

Design & Decoration

The design of an event starts with the vision, personality and inspiration of our clients, thus guaranteeing that the final result will be what they always dreamed

Romantic Dinners