Relax the body and mind with our activities

Whether you want to fill your days with adventure or free yourself from obligations, we’re here to help connect you with your bliss. At Hotel Hacienda San Lucas we have packages of fun, adventure,  and relaxation!


“A place where earth and sky come together to celebrate happiness” Wedding destination that gives indelible memories to our friends.


Gaia is our yoga, meditation and events pavilion. It is the site where many Mayan fire ceremonies have taken place and have created a sacred energetic space. Here guests are welcome to enjoy a healing, unforgettable, and transformative experience in a magical environment that overlooks the Acropolis and Temple XXII. If you are an instructor or group leader, Gaia is ideal for group spiritual activities such as yoga, meditation, massage and energy therapy, Reiki, Qigong, Thai yoga massage, Tai Chi, shamanistic ceremonies, intimate weddings, and workshops.

Hiking Trails

The lands in which Hotel Hacienda San Lucas is nestled in the Copan Valley, provides for breathtaking trails to walk through The spectacular lushness of the tropical forest in our backyard is unquestionable. Here you’ll find a diverse variety of century-old trees, covered in layers on layers of green. With vines that hug the trees, bright colored orchids, the sound of the creek that runs through, the singing of the birds constantly in communication, the bustling of the leaves, the bed of roots that hold your steps,  and the branches that cover your head will make you think you’ve travelled to another dimension. You’ll feel taken and submerged by the sense of magnificent power that the nature here holds. Let yourself experience the splendor of rich, tropical flora and fauna the area has to offer.

Horseback Riding

Enjoy guided tours on horseback to different places like La Pintada Village east of Hotel Hacienda San Lucas, the waterfall on the Copán River, and to Las Sepulturas Archaeological site. Enjoy sightseeing on the back of a sweet and calm horse who loves people!

Horseback tours can be easily arranged at our Reservation center.

Bird & Butterfly Watching

The biological diversity found in the area surrounding Copan allows for excellent birding. Our pine and oak forests are home to many animals which include an updated (2012) bird- list shared from Victor Emmanuel Nature Tours & the Boston Audobon Society with more than 400 species (and counting!). This makes Copan one of the more well-studied areas in the country.

Los Sapos

Hotel Hacienda San Lucas property is home to Los Sapos (“The Toads”), which a recent Harvard University study deemed an important ceremonial site for the ancient Maya. To this day, the local folk tradition believes that Los Sapos holds special powers related to birthing and fertility (the toad is a fertility symbol in Maya tradition, and this region is home to 12 species of toads).

Just relax

Great dinning enjoying a peaceful view. You will love the original, rustic and romantic atmosphere in our restaurant. Our staff will always assist you with a smile.

Delight your palate

Come and enjoy delicious craft beers accompanied by a table of Creole cheeses and sausages, you will be delighted with that combination of flavors and will make Hotel Hacienda San Lucas your favorite place for those unforgettable moments that your sunsets give you.


The dishes at Hacienda San Lucas are a “Mayan Culinary Experience”, selected among the 10 best restaurants in Honduras by