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About Hotel Hacienda San Lucas

Hotel Haciendas San Lucas is a 100-year old

Hotel Hacienda San Lucas was created and is successfully managed without external incentives or support. In fact, from its inception, Hotel Hacienda San Lucas was treated by many Hondurans with substantial skepticism or indifference. Thus, the pioneering success of Hotel Hacienda San Lucas sends a powerful signal to the region that sustainable ecotourism works. Hotel Hacienda San Lucas now serves as a role model for positive change.

In contrast to other Central American countries, Honduras is just beginning to perceive sustainable ecotourism as a viable and substantial benefit to the national economy. Hacienda San Lucas has played a major role in this burgeoning awareness.

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Our Mission

The mission of Hacienda San Lucas is to provide our guests a unique and unforgettable experience based on a spiritual commitment to share our family’s patrimony of an authentic rural hacienda that is helping the development of neighboring communities. This responsibility includes the care and preservation of the nature and archaeology, as well as personal attention to each visitor, so that our guests feel like personal friends of our family.

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