In Hotel Hacienda San Lucas our philosophy is that we are sharing our food in the spirit of our ancestors with our special guests

A Mayan Culinary Experience

 This is the staple ingredient to the evolution of our menu and cooking style.
At the Hotel Hacienda San Lucas kitchen, local Maya traditional food bases – maize, squash, and beans – meet new and old world cooking techniques … in a wood fire hearth.

Mixture of Aromas & Flavors

Discover the mix of flavors that the traditional cuisine of the region mixed with millenary spices provides you, these will cause an explosion in your senses and palate that will leave a sensation of exquisiteness and aromas that only the food of Hotel Hacienda San Lucas can offer you.

Ancestral meals

We invite you to enjoy the native foods of the region, prepared with the same recipes rescued from the oral tradition of Copanecos and served in a gourmet style.

Creams & Soups

Nothing more toning and comforting for the body and that should not be missing in all good traditional cuisine are creams and soups, at Hotel Hacienda San Lucas, we wait for you to enjoy them and you can feel those flavors that only the ingredients of the region can offer. You will fall in love with them.

Start your day with energy

Wake up to the aroma of an exquisite cup with coffee, accompanied by the most important meal of the day, a breakfast full of energy and flavors that juices give you and food fresh from the stove in the best style of our Mayan cuisine.

Traditional flavors

Discover the authentic indigenous flavor of sauces and condiments used in Mayan Cuisine.